​Get It Clean Laundromat Reviews & Testimonials

Not only was my laundry perfectly clean, soft and delightful, but it was organized in the very fashion that my clothes like to hang in my closet - first sorted by color then style (tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters) - and I didn’t even request this extra bit. It’s like we are the same closet sorting wavelength...and I like it.

I’ve been using them for two years and am just as happy as I was the first day. I’ve been religiously using their fluff and fold services for over a year now including pick-up/delivery. Why am I writing this review? My girlfriend unknowingly left a ring in her clothes and they found it, put it in a little bag and returned it.

They take your instructions on how your items should be washed and will even use particular soap if you request it. I was most impressed, however, that they went above and beyond what I asked of them.

Okay so I came on a Sunday dreading the crowds just to find a calm pleasant laundromat, I downloaded the app and went on to use the machines, pleasantly surprised the first transaction I got $3 off a large machine!! The parking is a tad of a struggle, but not really all the people here were respectful and pleasant. It was Sunday so no attendant, other than an alarm that was going off the place was great! I'm sure that alarm isn't going off any other time when someone is here. With the app you don't have to worry about quarters and you can monitor when your machine is done! Heck yes... free wifi and even some books to read. Clean place, I will def recommend it. While you are washing, you can walk down the alley to the next corner get yourself some TJ corn or tacos at lucha libre or ice creams at yog-art!! your welcome!

First time going to a laundromat, and it was a great experience. My dryer just recently broke, so I took my clothes here to dry. I get there a little late, and they were starting to close. But the wonderful ladies stayed after hours for me so that I could use their dryers. Up to date machines, very reasonable prices, and vending machines for the wait. The washers, dryers, and even the floors are always clean. Also, it's a great spot to get your purified water. Overall 5 star spot, really recommend going here.

I had to find a place last min late at night and this place was open till 11pm. There are free street parking in the front but the front door will be locked after 9 or 10pm. Go to the back side, there are free parking there. The lady who was there cleaning was nice to help me out. There are plenty of machines to use, small and big sizes for laundry. Cheapest for small was 3.25 and the price increases as you pick hot water or delicate or whatnot. Big one started out around 5.25. Dryer is .25 for 7 min dry. For a queen size fleece blanket, I had to use it twice and still wasn't dry but it was dry enough that I took it home. The place is clean, and has free WiFi. Not much of any seating areas though. They do offer drop off service. I would come back again if needed in the future.

The place has a comfortable setting, clean with some pleasant decorations. The staff is for the most part helpful and friendly. Seating is available in abundance. Also, there's easy parking in the back.