​Dry Cleaners & Dry Cleaning Services near San Diego

Looking for dry cleaners near San Diego? Get It Clean can handle all your laundry needs including your dry cleaning. You can get it all done in one STOP! You can drop it off with us or schedule a pickup and delivery. Our pickup and delivery dry cleaning is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-12pm. Your dry cleaning laundry will be returned to you in 48 hours.

Not all stains can be removed from your clothes by dry cleaning. Some need to be treated with special spotting solvents. Please let our launderers know if any of your garments have stains that need special attention.

Our dry cleaning services has a $30 minimum order, unless you are combining it to your regular pickup and delivery laundry.

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Men's Shirt $4.75
  • Pants $4.75
  • Polo Shirt $4.75
  • Jersey $6.75
  • Blouse $4.75
  • Tie $4.75
  • Vest $4.75
  • Shorts $4.75
  • Sweater $5.25
  • Short Skirt $4.75
  • Long Skirt $5.75
  • Dress Short Basic $8.75
  • Dress with Beading $22.50
  • Dress Fancy $19.75
  • Chef Coat $5.35
  • Lab Coat $6.75
  • Choir Robe $12.75
  • Light Jacket $7.00

*For a complete list of our dry cleaning prices, please call the store.